Welcome to World Records!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day! Today you get to see a new company begin!

Founded by artists who have worked within the industry on multiple fronts, whether it be internationally known recording labels, citywide FM Radio, local TV, magazine, and newspaper, we’ve been there! Our goal is to make this label about you! The artist, the only reason we exist!

Of course to begin a label, we need musicians! Feel free to submit material for us to consider by messaging us through Facebook or directly through our contact page on this website!

Not a musician, but have a talent or trade you would like us to consider? Don’t hesitate to send us a video of you performing your comedy sketch, painting a canvas, showing off those dance moves, going acapella or whatever you do! We have room for all talents on the table.

We also have created and partnered with a daughter company, The Valley Sound, who will mostly focus on the promotion aspect of the company. It will help our artists maintain mainstream influence, directing their media to news sources, local TV and Radio, and earn them placement in any surrounding outlets. It will also promote establishments of different kinds in the Lake Tahoe region. From a mom & pops store, to local grocery stores, and others, we will promote their business agendas.

Look forward to a future full of new beginnings! This is only the beginning for us at World Records!

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