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      • Be sure to remove any unwanted colors and upload your designs with a transparent background in a PNG file Type for best quality.


        Embroidery: Using our multi needle embroidery machine, we are capable of adding your designs in full color. The durability and feel of embroidery has a lasting impression on all applicable products.


        Heat Transfer Vinyl: This method involves either printing, or cutting solid colors our of a PVC Vinyl material that then adheres to the product using a heat press. It should last many washes before showing any wear. After many uses this method will begin to crack and fade from products it is added to.


        Direct to Fabric (DTF): This method is a high quality method of adding your design to clothing garments and accessories. Using special ink, DTF imprints exact designs onto any type of fabric with exceptional clarity. It is soft to the touch and very long lasting.


        Sublimation: Using a specific type of printer that uses a special type of ink, we can create designs with finite detail. Images can be as complex as the want to be. This process infuses the ink into the threads, creating a long lasting design unnoticeable to the touch. The only caveat is it can only be applied to lighter color polyester clothing, and specially coated products like coffee mugs, business cards, etc...


        Screen Printing: The original method to create great looking designs that have multiple colors. It's an artform in it's own and requires multiple passes over every shirt to lay every color of paint onto the product until the design looks as desired. It is a long lasting and very durable method of printing. After many uses, screen printing does show signs of fade and cracking. 



        Engraving: For products like cards, keychains, boxes, glasses, and more, laser engraving is a great method for designing. The items which can be engraved are basically limitless but it is most practical for items with a solid surface.


        Enamel Engraving: Engraving most commonly adds a darkened cut into the product, but using enamel paint allows us add whatever color is specified.

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        shift+ Move the activate object to left 10px
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