Since 2020

As the pandemic set in, after having just started the business, we nearly threw in the towel and closed the books. But for whatever reason, the drive to keep moving forward was too strong.

With the machinery and tools we had recently invested in, we started manufacturing a plethora of products in house, customizing merch for companies, tailoring customers belongings, and provide website design services.

This website is dedicated to the various production services that we offer businesses, teams, groups and any individuals looking for something custom. For more information visit our main store, here.

It’s your world, so let’s make it yours.

Core Values

Our goal is to make your business the main attraction. We look over every order to make sure things will be of the best quality, and price, before it goes into production. We test every material and medium before it is used on your products, and continue to grow our shop to bring new methods for you to customization needs.

Our Community

We are grateful to be based out of the beautiful PNW. Our shop is currently located in SODO, Seattle. We connect and establish relationships with our nearby suppliers to grow a local and sustainable community to live in.

I was in search of custom soccer training shirts for the high school team I was coaching. My shirt order included multiple sizes, logos, and colors. I also did not want the shirts to feel cheap to the touch and have anti-sweat properties. They were able to find me a quick solution, at a fantastic price for a custom piece. They also provided me timely updates all along the process (including pictures) and I received the order in perfect shape.
Thank you for a fantastic custom ordering process! 
Andrew Dallman
Seattle, WA