Donations That change the world.

Support The Cause

You help lots
by donating little​

Our company is dedicated to making a positive impact by donating 5% of every purchase to the World Wildlife Fund and other charities. Customers can feel good knowing that their payment contributes to wildlife conservation, environmental protection, and other charitable causes. We believe in taking responsibility for our impact and are proud to support important causes, making the world a better place. With our customers’ support, we can create a brighter future for all.
Because We Can

How do we

Our company believes in focusing not only on our own success but also on the well-being of the world. We donate a portion of our revenue to organizations in need, starting with the World Wildlife Fund to protect endangered species, combat climate change, and promote sustainability. However, we also adapt to crises by supporting organizations providing immediate relief and aid to affected communities. Through these donations, we aim to make a positive impact and encourage others to join us in creating a better world.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

~ Mother Theresa

Lead the Way

Supporting a better today, and an even better tomorrow


They raise awareness about the importance of plants and animals, work with communities to promote sustainable practices, and fund research for species preservation. The WWF advocates for environmental policies and holds accountable those engaged in harmful activities. Their financial support through grants and funding makes a significant impact on conservation efforts. Overall, the WWF plays a critical role in protecting the world’s biodiversity through awareness, research, advocacy, and financial assistance.


They work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through partnerships with governments, businesses, and individuals, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency. The WWF also preserves natural habitats, recognizing their role in maintaining the climate balance and reducing carbon emissions. Through education, advocacy, and outreach, they raise awareness and inspire action to create a sustainable future. Overall, the WWF’s initiatives, partnerships, and efforts contribute to a brighter and more resilient future for the planet.

Ongoing Aid

Recognizing the vulnerability of communities near wildlife habitats, the WWF focuses on community development programs that improve education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. They also respond to natural disasters, providing emergency relief such as food, water, shelter, and medical aid. Additionally, the WWF supports indigenous communities, promoting sustainable practices and preserving cultural heritage. By addressing both conservation and human needs, the WWF works towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Putting Scraps to Good Use

As a socially conscious company, we prioritize giving back to the community by donating scrap items, such as clothing, to charity. These items are still in good condition but won’t be sold in our stores. We thoroughly inspect them before partnering with local charity organizations, including homeless shelters and women’s shelters, to distribute them to those in need. These donations have a significant impact, providing warmth, dignity, and self-respect to individuals while reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Our commitment to donating to charity reflects our dedication to supporting local communities and making a positive difference.

Never Give Up

We won’t Stop

Giving back to our surrounding communities and beyond is a core value that will remain an integral part of the way we operate.