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Where it begins

Step One

From the bottom up

We use hand drawings, picture examples, 3D CAD software, and much more to get the design laid out before production begins. The more details we receive, the better the proof, which leads to a better result. With so many possible combinations, we prepare our shop with ample materials and supplies.

Look for this button on customizable products!

Look for this button on customizable products!

Professional Software

We use specific software depending on what we are working on. This includes 2D graphic editors, 3D CAD programs, cutting software, and much more.

Reliable Machinery

Laser cutters and engravers, heat presses, , industrial sewing machines, various types of printers and more… the list keeps getting bigger as demands grow.

Experienced Workmanship

We take time to learn how to use our software and machinery before putting it to use. Experience with the tools is a must in order to provide you with the best possible results.


Time to Produce

Step two

Raw materials need specific machinery depending on it’s properties. We use various types of machines to cater to each project.

Threading the Needle

The use of industrial sewing machines are necessary for many projects. From in-house clothing, to home decor, bags, merch decorations and more.

Cut it out

Cutting and laser engraving machines are indispensable. from detailed fabric cuts, to vinyl transfers, stickers, stencils, metal and leather de-bossing… we are always inspired by how useful this machinery is.

Printing in 3D

3D printers allows us to print necessary parts for a project on the fly. It is useful and practical. Some projects may require all parts to be printed, while other only need a few components.

Tooling, Stamping, And everything else

So many different methods are used for each specific project. The list of tools we use to create a product from start to finish is endless.


That’s a Wrap

Step Three

We finish each product by adding the proper labeling, and any personal touches you’d like. For example, custom tags and engravings.

Each custom made product include a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and a 1-Year Rip, Tear and Breakage warranty. For more information on this visit our shipping and returns page.

Gift wrapping is available for all products.

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