How it Works

Design process

From raw material, to a finished masterpiece

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

Our portfolio includes highly detailed orders concerning a single individual, to companies and teams needing bulk merchandise. Whichever the case is for you, we remain committed to providing reputable quality services that we are proud to establish and deliver.

We make our products with quality materials so that we become a symbol of dependability .

We are constantly looking for the best material to use. This entails sourcing on foot, and getting to know where it is we source from.

It takes commitment to reach top-notch service.

We strive to create the perfect product for you, and are not satisfied unless you are. We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service.

Starting from the ground up!

To start designing, begin with one of the designable products available on this website. Using the available options, you can alter the fabric texture, color, accessories, sizes and more depending on the product. The type of configurator various per product.

Have something more specific in mind? We enjoy working one-on-one to create a product from the ground-up! You may contact us directly through this website or by email to get the conversation started.

1. The Idea

It all begins with a good idea. So what do you have in mind?

For example, if you’re looking for a hoodie or a bag, check out out the product category in the website menu. If it fits your idea, visit the product page to see the available options!

You may also want to design your own product. With that in mind, contact us directly using our contact form, or through email. We are also developing an “open-form” designer which will allow this process to be an easier and overall better experience! 

2. Design

We love it when you get down to the specifics. The more specific you get with your design, the better we’ll understand what you want! Once you have selected a product in our store, or started a project from scratch, it’s time to begin.

For projects in store, you can choose the fabric color, stitching, zipper material, pocket location(s), sizing and more. The options are specific and available on a per product basis.

3. Production

Your idea has been created. The design is set. Your order is placed.

Projects now go into the production phase and are on their way to become a finished masterpiece!

Whatever the process involves, we are continually growing and evolving our shops so that we may adapt to manufacturing needs.

To see more about our production process, visit our manufacturing page.

4. Delivery

Now it’s time the most exciting part. The moment when the finished product is in your hands!

After we finish production, we will promptly send out your product on the following business day. There will be a shipping confirmation emailed to you, along with any other necessary follow up messages.

You have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and a 1-Year Rip, Tear, and Breakage Warranty included with all custom-made orders.

We thank you for the business and look forward to doing it again.

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