raw Material

We source our material from trusted suppliers, with our focus mainly on local suppliers. That means wherever we go, we turn to our immediate surroundings to source raw material.




Together We can Create Anything

We believe in creating products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our team works tirelessly to find the best quality raw materials from different parts of the world. This ensures that our products have a unique edge that sets them apart from the competition. We strive to build relationships with our suppliers that are based on trust and mutual benefit. This allows us to have a steady supply of raw materials and also ensures that our suppliers are compensated fairly for their products. Our commitment to sourcing high-quality raw materials is evident in the finished products we produce. Our customers can be assured that they are receiving products that are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. We believe that together, we can create anything. Our passion for creating unique and high-quality products is matched only by our commitment to sourcing the best raw materials available. We look forward to continuing to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Fabrics & Thread

We source fabric of all kinds, for all types of projects.

Fabrics are one of the most important elements to source. Whether it’s for a clothing garment, home decor item, furniture piece, bag or purse… fabric is essential. We search high and low to find fabrics fitting to your project’s need.


The right type of metal is a key component to making a quality product. Our basic metal we use is stainless steel, but we source all types of metal.

Stainless has non-allergenic properties and is very dependable, but we also offer brass, bronze, silver, gold and any many other metals to make your product the way you’d like it to be.

Glue & Epoxy

Certain elements can’t be attached by any other means besides being fused together using high-strength glues and epoxies. Items like waterproof bags, vinyl patches, exercise equipment, outdoor gear, decals and more need specific adhesives in order to keep things together.

Epoxy can also used for items like game pieces, ornaments, home decor and much more. It is a very exciting material to work with as it can be made to any shape, size or color!

Dyes & Paint

From adding a unique touch to a product to changing it’s entire color! Dyes and paints are an important element to include when designing a product.

Screen printing, sublimation, stenciling, fabric dying… these are just some examples of how we use dyes and paint. Other materials like plastic, wood and even metal can benefit by adding coloring agents.


It’s nearly impossible to list every tool we use to create a finished product. If we didn’t have the excess amount of tools that we do, we would never be able to make the quality products you deserve!

Sourcing quality tools is essential. We swear by a few trusted and reliable brands within each category of tools, and and are always on the lookout for innovative methods to help us along the way. To see some of these tools in action, see our manufacturing page.


Zippers, crab claws, cord locks, pull strings, zipper pulls, purse feet, straps, loops, hoops, and so much more…

These are the items that make a product unique. It’s one of our favorite part of sourcing because it lets us mix elements, materials and colors to create a true work of art.


We believe that transparency is fundamental in maintaining a strong company. We welcome any questions regarding who we source our goods from, how we go about manufacturing, and so on… If you have have a questions, please ask.


We work with tested and proven suppliers. Raw goods are sourced from ethically sound work environments, and we include details tags and product pages to clearly display what materials are used.


Put your trust in us, and we take it seriously.

We are proud to supply you with quality goods, and will continue operating with our core values to find the best materials for your products.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”

~ Socrates


We are currently located in Seattle, WA.



First we look for goods within our local area. Finding materials unique to each area is not only inspiring, but economically sound!



Once we’ve finished exploring our back yard, it’s time to venture outward. Regional and statewide suppliers are next on the list.


Nation wide

Reaching our hands a little further, we begin searching for material in cities across the country!



Last but not least, we reach out to our global partners when a material only found in specific areas is needed for a project.

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