Our little blue marble that we call home is traveling thousands of miles an hour through space right now. In the universal picture, our planet may seems extremely small, and yet we are so easily lost in it’s vastness.

We dive right into the world by using every type of raw material we can get our hands on. With this in mind we aim to create nearly every product imaginable.


1. The planet that we live on.

Owning and operating our workshop means greater detail and thought is put into each and every product. our products range from clothing, to technology, music, home decor and more.

We source our raw goods from the surrounding areas where we manufacture products, and continue efforts to better the community through donations and a community service.

Our planet is one of a kind and needs us to help it stay that way. We donate 2% from every purchase to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), or whichever foundation is picked during checkout. We are here to thrive on this planet, and we are here to protect it.


1. Goods and information stored and maintained for use of future sales and enjoyment.

We gather and use the raw materials of life that was given to us, to create more life.

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